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PM Modi decision to ban 500 and 1000 denomination currency as legal tender is being hailed across the wide spectrum of people. It is no doubt that this is the bold decision taken by any Indian prime minister (only after the decision of imposing emergency by Late Smt Indira Gandhi) whose decision has made many people sweat to their bottom. While many are hailing the decision to ban few are objecti
We all know how recently Delhi was almost choked to death. Some say it is due to bursting of crackers during diwali, Some say it is due to burning of crop residuals in adjacent states of haryana and punjab. Well, we all know what the problem is, very few has come up with a solution.

What can be the possible solution to stop such things in future? What can government do? What can industries d
Admin1474900353 posted Nov 10 '16 at 3:55 pm
Two days ago, UNFCC, COP 22 meeting began at Marrakech. This is the first climate summit after the historic climate agreement that was signed in Paris last year. What is the stand of India on this climate summit? What is the future course of action after 60% plus countries acceded to Paris climate change agreement?

Have a constructive objective debate on this topic.
And try to find

Recently government put one day ban on national news channel NDTV. This raises many questions on the existence of free speech in the country.The government says that media persons are citizens first and journalists next. While news media houses are alleging the return of emergency kind of situations under Narendra Modi government.

Have a constructive debate on this topic and offer plausible s
recent by dhaniya  ·  Nov 8 '16 at 6:47 am
In the last few days we are receiving news about alleged bribes received by Indian arms dealer from foreign defense companies. This raises many questions about

The authenticity of such procurements.
Impact on national security
Functioning of our bureaucracy in procurement of such deals
In the light of above incidents, let's examine this case on a 360-degree perspective to arrive at a framewo
As we all know a lot of heated arguments is taking place between India and Pakistan on Kashmir issue? How many of our UPSC aspirants think that India should wage a war on Pakistan? What are its implications? How should India behave now?

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Your argument should be precise and to the point.
Don't argue/fight.
let the debate be constructive.
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